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Why is a woman judged by her sexual experience and past?

That, my friends, is something I wonder about often.

I read somewhere the term “virgin-whore dichotomy” and it stuck with me. Well, it means that women are placed into two categories, either the “good girl” or the “bad girl”. Most men want to date and have sex with the “bad girl”, they desire her, lust after her and can’t get her out of their mind.

When it comes to committing to someone, then that’s when the “good girl” comes in. As a divorced Arab girl I fall into the “bad girl” category in my community.

He always builds them up before I meet them by saying: "You’re just gonna love so-and-so", and then when I meet the friend, they’re mildly offensive and nothing like him.

So far, almost every single one of them is kind of a prick and a player.

I even played wing-man for her once (and inadvertently set in motion a wild series of events that included me trying to seduce someone else in the social circle, another friend suggesting I ask her out, and her giving me a New Years Eve “I’m Looking For A Booty Call Text”).

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Great listening skills often translate into hot sex.

I am dating a pretty cool guy who is very sweet and attentive.

I like him a lot and can see us becoming a solid couple.

And my family, mom in particular, is already dropping wedding hints.

But for all the commentary it seems I regularly encounter situations that no one thought to warn or remind me about.

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