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Without stirring up a hornet's nest of trouble for myself (again), let me recount a few of my own experiences with the risky world of humor. I once mentioned on the air that occasionally I think about knocking those cyclists who always seem to hog the road off into the ditch.Once I joked on the air about kicking my dog, and Kathy O'Malley, then with the Tribune's Inc. That made the rounds of the cyclist blogs, and when someone actually hit a Spandex-wearing Lance Armstrong wannabe, they blamed it on me. I also got a lot of bad publicity for The Drew Peterson Dating Game. That one was the brainchild of Drew's lawyer, Joel Brodksy, but I repeated it.When interviewed on Steve Dahl’s Morning Show about his proported grief for his missing wife, Peterson wanted to pitch instead his idea for a dating contest, Win a Date with Drew.Being desperate to get an interview with high profile suspected murderers, even the mainstream media–not only the tabloids–are turning psychopathy into a circus. He is the owner and operator of the Steve Dahl Network, a subscription-based podcasting network as well as the host of The Steve Dahl Show which airs weekdays on WLS-AM.Originally, Dahl broadcast with Detroit stations WABX and WWWW and later with Chicago stations WCKG, WDAI, WLUP, WMVP and WLS.Faced with a much-deserved backlash from an outraged American public, ABC news decided to withdraw their offer to pay Casey Anthony one million dollars for exclusive rights to her story.It’s a wise decision, although I can’t help but wonder what kind of message both the news and the entertainment media send the public when they’re even contemplating such an offer.

Unless you were in a coma last week, you know that Letterman has raised the ire of Sarah Palin for his joke last Monday about her daughter getting "knocked up in the 7th inning" by A-Rod at a Yankees game."Knocking up" Willow is a crime, even in most parts of the South.Letterman offered a real apology on his show Monday night, and on Tuesday morning Palin accepted.Originally, Dahl's broadcasts with Detroit stations WABX and WWWW and later with Chicago stations WCKG, WDAI, WLUP, WMVP and WLS.He also currently writes for the Dahl's radio show took an "every guy" approach to life in Chicago and Dahl often told bucolic stories about his life and family on the air.

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