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The chemistry between White and De Martino, meanwhile, has made the live show a must-see. Louis tour stop, and answered our questions, kind of… Shawn Conner: How has the show changed as the two of you have become more adept at playing as a two-piece? The two of us onstage have an enormous amount of energy.

Jules De Martino: We’ve been signed to a major record label and obviously we have all these opportunities to go around the world and play all these gigs, these opportunities that open daily. It’s something about the energy we have that makes us feel fulfilled when we come off stage.

The breakout success last year of that song, as well as “That’s Not My Name” and , the (Sony) debut, has made The Ting Tings one of those unlikely stories that makes even the most jaded pop music fan sit up and take notice.

Here’s a band whose tunes – not just catchy but smart and sassy – just about everyone likes.

L’autre single produit par Switchflicker, "Great DJ," sort en mars 2008, suivi de "That's Not My Name," qui se hisse au somment des hit-parades du Royaume-Uni en mai 2008, mois également marqué par l’apparition de leur premier album, We Started Nothing.

gives the play-by-play in a Saturday feature on the band, detailing how they spent nine months recording in a German jazz club, only to get spooked after a visit by label executives.

He's a little more tougher, both physically and in personality. I liked her better as Peter Parker's girlfriend than Kirsten Dunst. I won't say more about him, not wanting to spoil anything.

When I read many of the reviews in here, I don't see much positivity about this movie.

It’s a holdover from the two musicians’ previous experience with the music industry, when Katie White and Jules De Martino were part of a band called Eskiimo.

Full summary » | Full synopsis » Argentina:13 | Australia: M | Austria:10 | Brazil:10 | Canada: PG (Ontario) | Denmark:11 | France: Tous publics | Germany:12 | Iceland:12 | India: UA | Ireland:12A | Italy: T | Japan: G | Malaysia: P13 | Mexico: A | Netherlands:12 | New Zealand: M | Norway:11 | Peru: Apt | Philippines: PG-13 | Portugal: M/12 | Russia:12 | Singapore: PG | South Korea:12 | Spain:7 | Sweden:11 | Switzerland:12 (canton of Geneva) | Switzerland:12 (canton of Vaud) | UK:12A | USA: PG-13 (certificate #46601)Both, Martin Sheen and Andrew Garfield played roles in work written by Aaron Sorkin before.

See more » I admit that I too didn't exactly get that excited when I heard that this was in the making.

The Ting Tings est un duo tumultueux de pop indé orientée dance composé de la chanteuse-guitariste Katie White et du batteur Jules De Martino.

Il se forme dans le district de Salford, près de Manchester (Angleterre) en 2006.

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