Shahid kapoor and priyanka chopra dating again

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The power set present couldn't resist a sideways glance when Piggy Chops and Sallu came face to face.

The two stars have, after all, been openly hostile for some time. Jo finds mention in the Priyanka-Salman back story, too.

episode with Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone is one I was looking forward to for a very long time, since we know they are both interesting girls whose life – and love – stories have been fodder for gossip for a while now.

While it was very clear that these two leading ladies were guarded with their answers – perhaps having learnt from previous appearances on the show – they still divulged some juicy tidbits.

Shah Rukh and Priyanka first worked together in Farhan Akhtar’s ‘Don’ in 2006 and an excited Priyanka could hardly believe that she was working with him. Then after four years, Shah Rukh and his junglee billi came together again and began shooting for ‘Don 2’ in Berlin.

However, the way Karan handled the question on this episode showed that that may have not been the case, at least on Anushka’s end.

While Deepika claims that she has no problem with anyone, Karan told her, “You’ve been friendly with Anushka? If you think you’re Anushka Sharma’s friend, then you’re definitely living in a bubble.” The result was a flabbergasted Deepika Padukone.

Sorry, I nearly choked.” Which prompted Deepika to say that she is friendly with her, at least in her head, unless she’s been living in a bubble. This wasn’t explicitly stated, but that’s the impression I got.

Deepika said that while she is better friends with Priyanka, she would have still been willing to come on the show with any one else. I actually asked you, and you had said yes, but sometimes it’s not easy to get the perfect combination.” Who that other person is is anyone’s guess, but my first thought was Katrina Kaif.

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