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Si vous prenez trop de plaisir, votre barre de vie seffondre.

As luck would have it, he finds a girl with long, black hair talking to her "air friend" after school. Maria, the energetic but whiny 10 year old sister, is little more than than the series' loli quota.

But when she’s not too busy trying to fix Cat Noir’s wrongdoings, Ladybug is actually just Marinette, an ordinary girl with an ordinary life..a massive crush on a boy!

To some degree, the opposite with males is true as well. Why should we ask for female leads in shonen titles anyway? Besides the annoying thing about the female characters in anime isn't that they're not the mc it's how they're portrayed.

Due to his blonde/brown hair combo (a hair color he received from his late mother) and scary voice, everyone is afraid to talk to him, much less befriend him. Yozora is usually the victor in the arguments, with Sena running away crying "Stupid Yozora! Rika's main contribution is dirty innuendos and talking about being horny.

The girl is Yozora Mikazuki, and she proclaims they start a club called the Neighbors Club, an after-school club for people with no friends like themselves. While they aren't the worst characters I've ever seen, they add very little in the long run.

They soon gather quite a crowd, including the rich, beautiful, but socially bankrupt Sena Kashiwazaki, a feminine-looking boy named Yukimura Kusunoki, genius pervert girl Rika Shiguma, energetic but ill-tempered 10 year-old sister/teacher Maria Takayama, and even Kodaka's little sister Kobato. (It also would've helped if they didn't introduce so many all at once, like in the case of Yukimura and Rika.) Fortunately Haganai seems quite aware of this, because most of the episodes still revolve around Kodaka, Yozora, and/or Sena.

Would you believe me if I told you that despite the fact that nearly the entire cast is female, Haganai is not a romantic comedy, and not one kiss (and barely any hugs) is exchanged between any of the characters in the series? Haganai is, at its heart, a story about social misfits. This would be still be fine if not for Haganai's penchant for cheesecake overcoming story.

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