Spanish television dating show

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According to Spanish platform Cadenaser, in its first 12 months on air, the show has registered an 8.7% market share, reaching an average 1,516,000 viewers.The numbers are specially impressive for a timeslot with competitors like Over 3,900 people have participated in the show's Spanish version during its first year on air, showing all the varieties of couples there may be.This could be a godsend if the first pair isn't hitting it off, but it may also introduce an element of competition."Adam Looking for Eve" isn't about "seeing naked people on television nor is it about the surviving part, but the tension of meeting a person for the first time completely naked and finding out whether there is a spark," Eyeworks CEO Reinout Oerlemans professed, according to The Sun.Contestants on "Adam Looking for Eve" ("Adam zkt Eva") must strip down and look for love in the nude, The Sun reported.The naked singles are left on different sides of a tropical island and then left to wander to one another and begin their first date in nothing but their birthday suits.I was suprised that there was anything left on the brittle tape."This aired on August 11, 1973 during the 6 PM News.Here's an extremely vintage clip, all too brief unfortunately, but we see a WLS Channel 7 Eyewitness News Weather segment along with a commercial break.

But Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis appeared to put any such talk behind them recently, as they made a playful appearance on Spanish TV show El Hormiguero 3.0.Charles Rowe introducing a segment with Frank Mathie (if you pause it at the right moment you can see him) - unfortunately it was cut off on this recording.Thanks to weatherman Steve Newman who saved this little piece for all these years, and for providing us with a copy. I know you're thinking about amazing sex with an older woman like myself.I love younger men and have my own 30ish club in Northern California, USA.

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