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“I think ‘Supernatural’ is going to be around in some form long after I move off this chair, and the best thing I can do for the guys, and for the studio, and for the showrunners is basically make sure we don’t mess them up.” Much like its protagonists — monster-hunting brothers Sam (Padalecki) and Dean (Ackles), who have quite literally been to heaven, hell and everywhere in between over the course of the show’s run — “Supernatural” has time and again proven its resilience in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, becoming an anchor of The CW’s lineup.“People really forget what a bubble show ‘Supernatural’ was in those first four years,” notes series creator Eric Kripke.

Peta Jensen worked as a stripper when she was approached by an adult industry producer and a few weeks later she was on the plane to LA to have her porn debut.“We would have these incredible end-of-season meetings every year with the network where the public intent of the meeting was ‘pitch us your thoughts for the following season,’ but the implied intent of the meeting was ‘plead to us why we should keep you around for another year.'” Kripke admits that it took several seasons before he felt like the show was on solid ground; The WB amalgamated with UPN to become The CW in September 2006, when the show was just about to embark on its second season, and Season 3 was abbreviated to 16 episodes because of the Writers Guild strike that stretched from November 2007 to February 2008.“In my wildest dreams, I was hoping we would get to a fourth season.Sure enough, it was probably right around the fourth season that I think we finally started to relax and realize that we had a certain amount of stability,” Kripke says.“And that was the introduction of Misha Collins [as the angel Castiel], and that was the time that I probably started sleeping at night.

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